CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer

CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer

Software from Toshiba to reduce noise from notebook computer optical drives
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CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer is a software utility developed by Toshiba Corporation to reduce vibration noise from notebook computer optical drives.
Operations with the optical drive which extract data from the disc (like while using cd/dvd rippers) at high speeds increases the spin up of the disc sometimes resulting in vibration noises. Any minor defect with the disc or the drive could cause vibration noises. Acoustic Silencer limits this rate of read/write resulting in reducing the speed and hence the noise.

The Acoustic Silencer will not help removing noices due to the following defects.
The other possible causes of noise could be because of improper geometry of the disc which results in the disc not being centrally mounted on the drive rotor, cracks or foreign particles in the central disc-hole, poor disc labels resulting in air-pockets or buckels and any defect with the drive clamping and mechanisms.

The program starts and runs with Windows in the startup group.
The executable file for the program is "TOSCDSPD.exe" and as shown in the runnig processes and not as a system service. The program normally uses about 2500kbytes of memory and can use upto 5000kbytes depending on the system configurations.

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  • Program is small enough to download and installs on any notebook
  • Program can be set to Normal mode and Quiet mode from the tray icon
  • Does not require any specific windows updates or service packs
  • Does not involve a painful registration process to download


  • Not available for Linux flavors
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